College Senior
Semester At Sea Student-Summer '13


Day 1-

The first day in Morocco was interesting to say the least. I had to keep reminding myself that I was in Africa when all I saw when I looked out was desert. First everyone on the ship had to go through customs. This was a long process and took around 3 hours. By time when got off the boat it was time for tour around Casablanca. My roommate Anna and I boarded and a bus and were whisked off to the city of Casablanca. We explored the ins and outs of the city and experienced many new sights and smells. After the bus tour Anna and I explored the streets and markets of Casablanca by ourselves. We wanted to have authentic Moroccan food for dinner but we ended up at an Italian café instead. Trying to order was a challenge, the language barrier proved to be stronger than we thought. Neither of us spoke Arabic or French. Yet we were able to order and had some of the best pizza either of us has ever had. Then came the best part of the meal….the MINT TEA. This tea was life changing and came to be a staple of the trip. I am pretty sure that I had at least one cup of the Mint Tea at every meal. After dinner we wander the streets of the markets and then made out way back to the ship.

Day 2-4

The next morning I boarded a bus with 7 fellow students and was off to Fes for my family homestay trip. After a six hour drive we finally made it and meet our host family. They were so welcoming and their home was AMAZING!!! The three days spent with them were filled with exploring medinas and eating exotic food……such as camel. On the third day we loaded back on the bus and made the long drive back to the bus.

In the end Morocco was AMAZING.

66 Days, 12 Cities, 9 Countries
Counting down the days till I disembark on my Semester at Sea (SAS) voyage this summer! Only 7 days left!!! This blog will be a collection of my travels and experiences. Enjoy :)

STARTS: June 17, 2013 | ENDS: August 22, 2013
66 Days, 12 Cities, 9 Countries

• Embark: Southampton (London), England
• Casablanca, Morocco
• Antalya, Turkey
• Istanbul, Turkey
• Piraeus (Athens), Greece
• Livorno, Italy
• Civitavecchia, Italy
• Valletta, Malta
• Marseille, France
• Barcelona, Spain
• Cadiz, Spain
• Lisbon, Portugal
• Debark: Southampton (London), England